Last updated: 15. December 2014.

BIO19 Das Subharchord

Out now on Bandcamp:

patashnik 2 1500

Out now on Bandcamp:
12 previously unreleased tracks and mixes recorded between 1992 and 1994.


Biosphere in Brussels, 29. November 2014 - 22:00

Charleroi-danses, La Raffinerie

Prix: 10€, 15€, Pass: 25€ / 18 €

Coproduction : INA-GRM
Coréalisation : Charleroi Danses, La Raffinerie

GRM Présence Electronique Bruxelles -2-

Léo Kupper (BE), « Paroles sur lèvres » (2005-2006)
Hâmayôko (Yoko Higashi) (JP), électroniques, voix
Hildur Guðnadóttir (IS), violoncelle & électroniques
Daniel Teruggi (FR), « Instants d’hiver » (1993)
Biosphere (NO), électroniques

ekko 2014

18. October 2014: Biosphere & Skatebård (commissioned work), Ekko Festival, Bergen. More info.

Skjermbilde 2014-08-28 kl. 14.14.50

11. September 2014: Gogbot festival, Enschede, The Netherlands. More info.


Biosphere & Deathprod. at Numusic, Stavanger, Norway, 5. September 2014.  More info.

Skjermbilde 2014-07-24 kl. 00.21.25

Biosphere at SALT, Sandhornøy, Norway. 30. August 2014. More info.

Skjermbilde 2014-06-16 kl. 10.54.29

Biosphere at Les Digitales Zürich, Switzerland. 24. August 2014. More info.

22.08 WEB

Biosphere at Berlin Atonal, Germany. 22. August 2014. More info.


Biosphere at Kukemuru Ambient Festival, Jändja, Türi vald, Järvamaa, Estonia, 2. August 2014. More info.

vaeroy airport

Biosphere at Midnight Sun Festival, Værøy, Norway, 17. July 2014.

in out gdansk

Biosphere in Gdansk, Poland, 25. April 2014. More info

tape to zero

Biosphere & Deathprod. performs a new commissioned work at the Tape To Zero festival in Oslo on April 4th. More info.


Biosphere in Marrakech, Marocco 28-29. March 2014. More info

4dsys full front

Biosphere in 4DSound.

4DSOUND enables you to walk through space and experience sound from all directions. Sound seems to hover in space – like a phantom. Sounds move around, above, beneath and in-between the listeners. Led by your ears, you’re encouraged to explore the space. You can move between blocks of sound, touch lines of sound and walk through walls of sound.

4DSOUND Studio, Humberweg 6, 1043 AC, Amsterdam, 1. March, 20:30. More info

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