CD All Saints Records 1997, ASCD33 (UK)
CD Origo Sound Sound 19 (N)
CD Thirsty Ear Recordings THI 66033.2 (US)
CD For Life Records FLCP 1009 (Japan)




as the sun kissed the horizon (1:47)
poa alpina (4:10)
chukhung (7:34)
the things I tell you (6:28)
times when I know you'll be sad (3:44)
hyperborea (5:45)
kobresia (7:12)
antennaria (5:05)
uva-ursi (2:59)
sphere of no-form (5:47)
silene (7:53)
endurium *(10:47)
the eye of the cyclone * (7:20)

* bonus tracks for Japan

David Stubbs, Melody Maker: "The best ambient album I've heard in an ice age, an album of terrifying, desolate and all-enveloping beauty."

Mark Edwards, Sunday Times: "From his featureless but strangely beautiful landscape he has fashioned a featureless but strangely beautiful soundscape. If dolphins really are as intelligent as people say they are, then Biosphere is what they listen to on their Swim-mans."
Multidirections, USA: "Geir Jenssen decided to deviate from his earlier popular, electronic ambient house recordings and create a quiet, nearly beatless, cold, electronic ambient album. You can still tell that it's Geir making the music, but this recording is way better than anything he has released in the past. The CD proceeds slowly with repeated electronic chords that are lush, pretty and full - occasionally echoed, guitar and bass plucks and loops, environmental sounds (water, wind, branches snapping) and wicked vocal samples (1950s radio stations, telepathic Russian's, talking computers, etc.). It all moves along perfectly and is very subtle. It can get a little droney at times, but something new creeps in and grabs your attention back to the music. It was voted the best ambient CD for 1997 on both the Ambient and IDM Mailing Lists and I saw it on at least 15 individual Top 10 lists."

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