B i o s p h e r e  a r c h i v e  2 0 0 0  -  2 0 0 1

Kopavogur Music House, Iceland, 19. October 2000

"The first International Electronic and Computer Music festival in Iceland will take place in the Kopavogur Music House October 18th - 28th 2000"

VPRO Radio Club Lek, Holland, 25. October 2000,  live between 10 pm - 01 am


Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland 26. October 2000, Kleine zaal, 23.30 uur. DJ's Arnold en Willem. Vvk alleen bij AUB en Postkantoren. Entree: 15,- incl.


CC Luchtbal / Schouwburg, Antwerp, Belgium,  Friday  27. October 2000


n o r d h e i m   t r a n s f o r m e d
s u p e r s i l e n t

a l o g

Batofar, Paris, 12. November 2000

The Concert Hall, Aarhus, Denmark, 8th - 9th December 2000

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l a i k a
Laika, an audio/visual installation by Geir Jenssen at Tromsø Kunstforening, 1. December 2000 - 7. January 2001.

s t r i p

Director: Dean Chalkley  9.5 mins Eng. 2000
Music & sound design: Geir Jenssen

"Strip" won The Award of Best Experimental Film in Kinofilm, Manchester International Short Film Festival 2000.




f l u x g a t e  II

25-28. January 2001

Fluxgate - an interactive sound installation constructed for Nordlysfestivalen by Geir Jenssen and the English sound sculptor Jony Easterby.
Fluxgate consists of two spires with a row of snowball-targets. When hit by the audiences´s snowballs they will trigger various sounds and data sources including material read and transformed in real time from the Auroral Observatory´s instruments. The activity of the Northern Lights and the accuracy of the audience will determine the character of the music.
Fluxgate will be in a constant state of transformation over the period of the festivsal. Fluxgate is situated outside Kulturhuset.


Natural Geographic, an audio/visual improvisation with Jony Easterby, Geir Jenssen and Ansuman Biswas at Tromsø Kunstforening 27. January 2001,  21:00 hrs.


Biosphere's Cirque won the Norwegian Spellemann Award (The Norwegian Grammy) for best dance/hiphop(!) album.


In May 2001, Touch is touring the UK with Biosphere, Fennesz and Hazard, including a London gig at the Queen Elizabeth Hall on the 21st at 7:45pm
A special tour CD will be produced with exclusive tracks from the 3 artists, a TShirt and poster. For further information, including dates and ticket availability, check this space.



LOCATION: Airport near Probostske Lakes / Stara Boleslav / Czech Republic

  EVENT DATE: Friday 29th of June 2001
  TIME: 3p.m. - 7a.m.
  CAPACITY: 15 000
  ENTRY: 440 Kã in advance Ticketpro / 500 Kã there / 600 Kã after 8 p.m.

  After the huge success of last year's LPC - Open Air Field festival, we now present the second event. Again we can look forward to the
  nice surroundings of the Probostske Lakes and of course excellent music presented by top international and local artists. This year we
  hope to welcome 15.000 visitors and to break last year's record of 10.000. There will be 6 stages on the Airfield, which will be
  assembled according to particular musical styles - techno, trance, house, breakbeat, jungle, hip hop, dub, downbeat chill out. Four of
  the stages will be inside the circus tents and the other two will be the main open air stages. A sophisticated laser show and computer
  animations will also provide an important aspect of the visual entertainment at the festival. On the grassy Airfield you will find food
  stalls, merchandising, hair studio, attractions (3-D Simulator and more), a place for parking and camping etc. Also swimming at the
  lakes nearby will be a feature and you can expect an afterparty next day on the beach near the lakes.

BIOSPHERE (N)  THE ORB live (UK)  Laurent GARNIER (FR)  SYSTEM 7 live (UK)  Derrick MAY (USA)  GET F**KED live (UK)  Dave ANGEL (UK)
CIRCULATION live (UK)  Colin DALE (UK)  BENT live  (UK)  Umek (SLO)  Leandro GAMEZ (SP)  Chris COCO (UK)  Danny Howells (UK)
Adam FREELAND (UK)  Lee Burridge (UK)  Duncan FORBES (UK)  PRESSURE DROP DJs (UK)  Richard Dorfmeister (AT)

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Koncert BIOSPHERE 30. juna, 21.30, Vodna Veza (pod Hradom), Bratislava, Slovakia


Norbergfestival, Sweden, 26-28th July 2001
Nordic festival for contemporary electronic music and art. Festival site in an old iron mine, Mimergruvan (-375m), Norberg in Mid-Sweden.
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Blå, Oslo Jazzfestival, 8. August 20:00


Installationskoncerten Lyd/By er en kunstnerisk genopdagelse og bevidstgørelse af byens lyde. Lyd/By består af 7 værker, udviklet af 7 nordiske lydkunstnere. Lyd/By har premiere i Aarhus, Danmark, lørdag den 25. august 2001 kl. 13.30.
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I am in Tibet from September 4th to November 1st. All enquiries regarding Biosphere can be sent to my manager <katrien.klausing@skynet.be> or my record label <MSCHarding@touch.demon.co.uk>.
Biophon Records´ mail order service (http://www.notam.uio.no/~geirje/biophon.html) will also be closed during this period.
See you later!
Geir Jenssen


Auditório de Serralves
Rua D. João de Castro 210
Porto, Portugal
Saturday 1. December 22h00
tickets: 1500 escudos
information tel: 808 200 543
ticket reservation: (+351).22.615 65 84
general tel.: (+351).22.615 65 00
e-mail: serralves@serralves.pt

This year the Museum of Contemporary Art of Serralves, in Porto, is holding, throughout the year, a group of exhibitions gathered under the common theme "In, On, Around Landscape", including shows by artists such as Dan Graham, Julia Ventura, Lothar Baumgarten, Claes Oldenburg, Roni Horn, Fischli and Weiss, Ângelo de Sousa, Tacita Dean, Robert Smithson/ Bernt & Hilla Becher, Richard Long, Eberhard Havekost, Hamish Fulton as well as projects for the gardens of the Serralves Foundation by Richard Serra, Maria Nordman and Francisco Tropa, amongst others. These exhibitions explore "Landscape" not only understood as exteriority, but also as inner construction of the individuality of the artist and primordial element for its relation with the world.

In parallel and complement to these exhibitions, the Foundation is programming cinema screenings and music concerts. The musical program is called "The Machine for the Entangling of Landscapes". The challenge would be to reflect on the "landscape" as confrontation with the exteriority as well as revelation of an inner space, a mental place reconstructed through the intimate echoes resulting from the outside world.
This program also includes the participation of the musicians Francisco Lopez, Rafael Toral, Kaffe Matthews, Sainkho Namchylak and Pauline Oliveros, with performances throughout 2001.


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