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Last updated: 29. October  2008

Biosphere in Grenoble, France

Soirée des musiciens SPEDIDAM

Bernard Parmegiani / Camel Zekri /
Pierre Jodlowski / Biosphere
" Champs magnétiques "
Sur l’Acousmonium du GRM de l'INA

"Signe de Vie"
Extraits de la "Création du monde" de Bernard Parmegiani

Africa Sound "Sahara/Fleuve/Désert"
(Autour du Festival de l'Eau) de Camel Zekri – CREATION
Etienne Bultingare (diffusion musicale)

"Music Violence and Other Stories"
De Pierre Jodlowski

Geir Jenssen (musique)
et Egbert Mittelstädt (vidéo)
Norvège / Allemagne

Samedi 29 novembre 2008 l 19h30
MC2 : Grenoble – Auditorium - Clôture festival

Durée : 1h15
Tarifs : de 9 à 20 € / Pass " clôture " (3 concerts) de 14 à 30 €

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Alter Ego performs Pneuma, written by Geir Jenssen.
Alter Ego will also play pieces by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and Helge Sten (Deathprod.)

Biennale Musica 52. Festival Internazionale di Musica Contemporanea  EXIT_01 Party Sintomatico

Teatro alle Tese – Arsenale
Sabato 18 October
 dalle ore 19.00

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Markers In The Landscape

Rock carvings from the Bronze Age transformed into sound.
Outdoor audio and video installations on a Bronze Age site just outside Stavanger.
3-12. October 2008, 20:00 - 23:00 pm
Austre Åmøy, Stavanger, Norway

One of the main mottos of Stavanger2008 is openness. It is just such openness to external impulses that is reflected in the Bronze Age discoveries.
There was lively contact across large parts of Europe and the neighbouring areas to the South and East.

The Bronze Age is one of the few pre-historic periods from which a wealth of pictorial material remains.
This is perhaps best expressed in the rock carvings that still form a part of our landscape.
The rock carvings were ritual meeting places. Today they can also be regarded as art.

The people of the Bronze Age expressed their world of ideas through these carvings.
 Today, too, the rock carvings are surrounded by a certain mystic aura,
even though meticulous research has decoded some of the 3000-year-old messages.

Through the project Markers in the Landscape, Rogaland County Council gives contemporary artists
the opportunity to create commissioned work/installations inspired by our knowledge of the world of ideas and
artistic effects of the Bronze Age. The idea is to exhibit these works by the original 3000-year-old sites to give
 the audience an experience of the monuments that cannot be expressed in words. With the new, but authentically-based,
experience by the original sites, the project seeks to open the minds of the spectators to this strange and distant past.

The production company Nuproductions has been engaged as a partner on the production side.
Geir Jenssen – better known as Biosphere – has also been invited to participate.
Geir Jenssen is a leading composer and musician within the electronic music genre and has experience of similar projects.
Light installations are also being planned in addition to the sound background.

The island of Austre Åmøy has been chosen as arena for the installation.
 Here, the rock carvings can be seen in more or less their original environment, without much modern interference.

More info: numusic.no, stavanger2008.no, rogaland.no

Alter Ego performs a new version of Outside By The Fjord - The Ullsfjord recordings, written by Geir Jenssen
Visuals and electronics: Geir Jenssen
Alter Ego will also play pieces by Robin Rimbaud (Scanner) and Helge Sten (Deathprod.)
Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, 11. October 2008, 19:30
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Alter Ego


Geir Jenssen: The Doppler Shift
New composition for three trombones and electronics.
Sparebanken´s festsal, Tromsø, 11. October 2008
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Teaterhistorien død og/eller levende

With Trine Falch
Music: Geir Jenssen
Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø,
October 2008
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Geir Jenssen: Månen Er Et Bål

A composition for the exhibition Hommage á Iver Jåks.
Opening at Tromsø Kunstforening, Norway, 22. August 2008, 20:00
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There will be no more Biosphere concerts in 2008.
I am tired of flying. I hate airports, security checks, unhealthy food, air conditioning, hotels, etc.
Back to nature!

On The Edge

foto: Atle Grimsby

Public benches are normally meant for sitting down for a rest, reading a newspaper or simply watching people coming and going.
On 12 April there will be an unusual addition to the bench population of our district, benches complete with mp-3 players run by solar panels.  

Sonic Vista consists of a series of 10 unique, hand-made public benches, especially adapted to incorporate sound and visual art.
Two of these will be placed at a lighthouse.
The Sonic Vista benches have been designed as a coproduction between Nuproductions and British musician/designer Mil Stricevic.
The benches are developed and hand-made in cooperation with the Randaberg company Ranso AS.
They are one hundred per cent environmentally friendly and made from quality timber from Rogaland.

Geir Jenssen/Biosphere has made the sound-track "Snurp 1937" for the Utsira lighthouse.
David Toop has composed the sound-track for the Eigerøy lighthouse.

This is a cooperation with the Stavanger 2008 project: A World of Sound.

The benches are inaugurated at the Utsira lighthouse on 3 May at 1 p.m., and will remain on location until the end of February 2009.

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New compilation CD out now!

f a v o u r i t e   p l a c e s
Audiobulb Records, AB016, CD, 2008
Biosphere track: Tranøy Lighthouse

Through audio, images and written word ten artists depicttheir favourite places in the world. Microphones capturing
the field of sound; compositions expressing their creativereaction; photographs and words. This is an unique CD
delivering a deeply personal viewpoint on the world in which we inhabit.

Favourite Places features inspiring works by:

- Leafcutter John
- Taylor Deupree
- RF
- Biosphere
- Dot Tape Dot
- Claudia
- John Kannenberg
- Aaron Ximm
- Build
- Nomad Palace

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Trine Falch and Ingvild Holm: "Kom og se"
 - the history of theatre as a hypertextual tragedy

Black Box Teater, Oslo, Norway
Thursday 14.2. – Sunday 17.2,  7 p.m.

On stage: Trine Falch, Ingvild Holm and Geir Jenssen

Music: Geir Jenssen

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Biosphere at La Géode, Parc de la Villette, Paris, Ile-de-France 75019
 Friday January 25th 2008, 20:30 pm
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Biosphere presents
Outside By The Fjord - The Ullsfjord recordings
Fondazione Musica per Roma, Rome, Italy, Friday January 18th 2008, 21 pm
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The re-releases of the Biosphere albums
Micrograity, Patashnik and Insomnia are now out on Beatservice Records.
You can order them from Beatservice Records here
They will also be available from the Biophon shop here

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