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Biosphere in Moscow 14-15. January 2006

Baraka Festival, Moscow
Saturday 14. January 2006, 2 a.m.
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By the sluice gates of the Moskva River ,

Zolotorozhskaya nab 7, Moscow
Sunday 15. January 2006, 10 p.m.

Biosphere in Prague
Palác Akropolis, Prague, Czech Republic
Thursday 19. January 2006, 7:30 p.m.
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Biosphere @ by:Larm 2006
Storsalen, Kulturhuset, Tromsø, Friday 10. February 2006, 21:00 - 21:30

Biosphere @ Sunkissed
Blå, Oslo, Saturday 18. February 2006, 22:20 - 23:00

Bisphere / Lindstrøm & Prins Thomas / WhoMadeWho / Toy + g-HA & Olanskii
 Sunkissed Live presents yet another excessive line up of the best live electronica Norway has to offer. After last years 2005 celebrations at fabric in London, Sunkissed Live will be staying closer to home this time. But new this year is a guest set from Denmark, and the funkfuelled feast of a live band that is WhoMadeWho. Check their new self titled album out on red hot Gomma Records! The godfather of norwegian electronica, Biosphere, also has a new album in the pipeline, and there are mutterings of a return to the glorious form of his early works. This is certainly a rare live appearance to savour. Lindstrøm and Prins Thomas are hot propperty these days, and will do a rare semi-live/ and dj set similar to their first propper outing in Oslo at Øya:Sunkissed. Completing the line-up are electro wizards Toy, Spellemann's nominated (Norwegian Grammy) for their playful and catchy album on SmalltownSuperSound.

Biosphere - Dropsonde
Touch  TO:66CD
Barcode 5027803146624
UK release date: 30th January 2006
11 tracks - 69:53
Artwork & Photography by Jon Wozencroft

Track Listing:
1. Dissolving Clouds
2. Birds Fly By Flapping their Wings
3. Warmed By the Drift
4. In Triple Time
5. From a Soild To a Liquid
6. Arafura
7. Fall In, Fall Out
8. Daphnis 26
9. Altostratus
10. Sherbrooke
11. People Are Friends

So you might like to note that "In the shape of a flute" is exclusive to the vinyl format of the release, and tracks 1. 3. 4. 5. 6. 11. listed above are exclusive to the CD version
Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, Biosphere's [Geir Jenssen] career spans nearly two decades, several albums, lots of remixes, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks and even the odd Himalayan summit.
You may recognise his work without knowing it, so frequently does it crop up on TV trailers and idents. In the early 1990s he was a pioneer of so-called 'Ambient Techno', but since then, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic and enduring.
Dropsonde' isn't a soundtrack like the interwoven 'Substrata' nor an episodic journey in the way that 'Autour de la Lune' is. Here Geir Jenssen is pushing new directions towards the jazz colours of Miles Davis and Jon Hassell, whilst re-invigorating the pulse and projection of his signature sound: a hypnotic combination of pleasure and dread.
The spatial aspects some have dubbed "Arctic sound" but it summons strong feelings, or as Exclaim from Canada put it, "in order to climb higher, you must first go deeper". Jon Savage adds: "As with all of the Biosphere albums, the music draws you in and makes you want to listen and feel. Jenssen's work acts on a very emotional level, one that encourages you to drift away into a haze of images and scenes brought to you by the music, where spectacular beauty hides unseen danger. Intense and moving, but comforting and soothing at the same time."
[A 'dropsonde' is a weather reconnaissance device designed to be dropped from an airplane or similar craft at altitude to take telemetry as it falls to the ground. It typically relays information to a computer in the dropping airplane by radio. The fall may be slowed by a parachute. Information collected by a typical dropsonde may include wind speed, temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure.]
This is Biosphere's 5th release for Touch, after "Cirque" [Touch # TO:46, 2000], "Substrata 2" [Touch # TO:50, 2002], "Shenzhou" [Touch # TO:55], and "Autour de la Lune" [Touch # TO:62, 2004]. He has also contributed to various Touch compilations, including "Spire - Organ Music, Past, Present & Future" [Touch # Tone 20, 2004). More recently to the Storr walk on Skye, Scotland, a guided tour through stunning landscape accompanied by illuminations and sound recordings.
Reviews of Dropsonde can be found here

13 Osward Road
London SW17 7SS

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Biosphere in Pisa
03/03/2006 FOSFENI•LA CITTÀ DEL TEATRO•050/744400•Via Toscoromagnola 656•Cascina•Pisa•www.lacittadelteatro.it

All Biosphere albums are now available from iTunes


The Samphire Tower
Samphire Hoe, Dover, England

A grant from The Arts Council of England has been awarded towards the implementation of the sound installation in the tower. This will be installaed during 2006. The sound installation envisaged for the interior of the Tower will develop organically through the collaboration between Geir Jenssen and Jony Easterby, with technical support from the engineer Graham Calvert of the company Sound Tech.
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Picturehouses and DJ Nova present...


UK Picturehouse Cinema Tour 2006
19 - 23 April 2006



“Prepare to be moved. Things happen when you listen to Biosphere; subtle flickering sounds become widescreen images; a distant dog bark becomes a subliminal rhythm track. Sounds conjure images of vast panoramic wastes, yet feel warm and comforting. Arguably Norwegian electronics' most important artist, Geir Jenssen has amassed almost two decades of work as Biosphere producing intense minimal crystalline works. ‘Dropsonde’ sees Biosphere moving towards an almost ghostly jazz influence with the flickering snare on ‘Birds fly…’ and ‘Triple Time’. Sublime.”
(Straight No Chaser)

Widely regarded as one of Norwegian electronic music's most important artists, Geir Jenssen aka Biosphere's career spans nearly two decades, several albums, various sound installations, commissions, soundtracks, lots of remixes and even the odd Himalayan summit. You may recognise his work without knowing it, so frequently does it crop up on TV trailers and idents. Since his days as a pioneer of ambient music in the early 1990s, he has refined his sound into something more magnetic and enduring, something with an appeal that reaches far beyond the cerebral electronica set, a must-listen for fans of Sigur Ros, Cinematic Orchestra and Mogwai.

His new album 'Dropsonde' (Touch Recordings - released March 20th 2006) isn't a soundtrack like the interwoven 'Substrata' nor an episodic journey in the way that 'Autour de la Lune' is. Here Geir Jenssen is pushing new directions towards the jazz colours of Miles Davis and Jon Hassell, whilst re-invigorating the pulse and projection of his signature sound: a hypnotic combination of pleasure and dread.

Cologne-based artist Egbert Mittelstaedt's videos, photographs and installations explore the principle of time and have won him awards including at the European Media Art Festival, the Institut National de l’Audiovisuel, the Backup Festival and a Digital New Art Award. His image processing makes it possible to show movement not as we know, but in a slowly sliding, continuous float of patterns, structures and courses. His "Slit-Scan" method neglects the constants of space: movement is stretched and pulled out of shape while still remaining recognisable and time puts herself in concrete terms. His cooperation with Biosphere developed spontaneously at a Biosphere concert and a simultaneous presentation of his video work in Cologne. The two artists have appeared together since the end of 2004. Mittelstädts visuals work in stunning harmony with Biosphere's music, creating a remarkable synthesis of video art show and music concert.

A parallel activity to Biosphere’s recording has been to conduct live concerts in scenic locations: last year saw him play in a remote corner of Scotland – anyone wanting to catch the gig had to hike several miles through the highlands to get to the venue, literally a rock face in the middle of nowhere. Thankfully people won’t have to do more than travel to their nearest Pictur
ehouse cinema to catch his acclaimed live electronica & visuals show.

"The ever-changing drifting accumulation of notes and rolling, almost jazz-stye drums are hypnotic in the best possible way. Sure, Dropsonde’s gorgeousness is sombre, but it is gorgeous, and the mood-lifting properties of these six instrumentals are inestimable.” (Word)

“Geir Jenssen, who records as Biosphere, is based in Tromsø, in the remote north of Norway, deep within the Arctic Circle. His approach to making Ambient music is unhurried and thought through, and it yields results that transcend standard expectations of the genre.” (The Wire)

“Cold clarity up against real depth of field, synth cycles dissolving into sudden moments of sonic revelation that sound like a waking dream. What a good record.” (MOJO)


All tickets £10.50 / £8.50 Members

Wed 19 Apr – GATE Cinema, Notting Hill
87 Notting Hill Gate, London W11
08707 55 00 63

Thu 20 Apr – Picturehouse at FACT, Liverpool
88 Wood Street, Liverpool L1 4DQ
08707 58 32 17

Fri 21 Apr – Greenwich Picturehouse (7.30pm)
180 Greenwich High Road, London SE10 8NN
08707 55 00 65

Sat 22 Apr – Ritzy Cinema, Brixton (9.15pm)

Brixton Oval, London SW2 1JG
08707 55 00 62

Sun 23 Apr – Duke of York Cinema, Brighton
Duke of York's Picturehouse, Preston Circus, Brighton BN1 4NA
08708 50 54 65

All media enquiries and requests please contact Seb Emina or
Fiona Wootton at Seb & Fiona: seb@sebandfiona.com / fiona@sebandfiona.com
020 7377 9868/9892

Biosphere travelled from Norway for a week of exclusive Picturehouse shows with the flights kindly provided by the airline NORWEGIAN and support from the Norwegian Embassy.

For further enquiries contact
Ed Simpson
Events Manager
07764 852 730



In Death Valley, everywhere we looked, gently waving stands of desert gold blossoms danced in the wind, their daisy-like faces punctuated with vibrant orange centers.

May / June 2006

An installation by Motherboard/Per Platou og Amanda Steggell for Galleri F15's 40 year jubilee exhibition "Prosjektrommet 93-06".

 Moss Bryggeri Utstillingshallen, Norway
 Opening times: 13.05 - 11.06, Thursday-Sunday 13-18.
 Free entrance.

 Sound: Geir Jenssen / Biosphere.
 Flower construction: Aslak Nygren.
 Thanks to: Håkon Lindbäck, Jana Winderen, Greg Pope, Finn-Olaf Jones/NY Times, Amargosa Opera House, Dale Air UK, F15 crew, HC Gilje and Bodil Furu.

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Biosphere in Athens, Greece
Synch Festival, Benaki Museum, 6. July 2006, 23:45
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Biosphere in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
Centrematic Festival, 10. July 2006, 20:30 p.m.
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Biosphere remixes Ane Brun.
A Biosphere remix of Ane Brun´s song A Temporary Dive can be found on her new single Rubber & Soul on V2 Records.
The track can also be downloaded from iTunes

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Biosphere in Estonia
Leigo Lake Music Festival, 29. July 2006

Place: Leigo Country House, Valgamaa

    17.30 Hedvig Hanson and Andre Maaker
    19.30 Russian chorus (sarvekoor)
     21.30 Biosphere (Norway)
    23.00 Rannap ja Lattik - organ and piano

Presales - 200 EEK, at the concert - 230 EEK
Pensioners - 170 EEK, at the concert - 200 EEK

Visuals by Egbert Mittelstädt.

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Biosphere in
San Martino Valle Caudina, Italy
Interferenze New Arts Festival, 3. August 2006, 23:00
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Hålogaland Teater, Tromsø, Norway
Music: Geir Jenssen

Biosphere & Mental Overdrive: Man With A Movie Camera
Verdensteatret, Tromsø, Norway, Saturday 9. September 20:00.

During the very first Silent Film Days in Tromsø, Sep. 7.-10. 2006, you can experience a broad variety of silent film classics;
from classic Chaplin and Keaton slapsticks, via Russian futurism, to previous unseen documentary footage from the Nordic countries.
The lot accompanied by exellent music, performed by local, national and international composers and musicians.
Read about the films and the music here


Ryoji Ikeda Christian Fennesz Biosphere
 BJNilsen Rosy Parlane Philip Jeck


The Open Ended Group


si-cut.db v3ctor
northern loop


SightSonic 2006, York International Festival of Digital Arts.

Since 2000 SightSonic has presented an annual programme of digital art works by leading international artists. For 2006 SightSonic joins forces with Touch, one of the UK's leading experimental labels, to celebrate the label's 25th anniversary. The Touch 25 programme features Touch artists from around the world including Biosphere, Rosy Parlane and BJNilsen, and a welcome return to the festival by Christian Fennesz. We are also presenting a unique opportunity to hear about Touch, its artistic vision, curation, its technical realisation, its use of web technologies and design in a Touch 25 Conference. The conference will include talks and presentations by label curators Jon Wozencroft and Mike Harding, presentations by artists Christian Fennesz, Phil Jeck, audio mastering engineer Denis Blackham and web designer Philip Marshall.

We are also delighted to feature a unique UK performance by Ryoji Ikeda, presented in multi-channel sound at the National Centre for Early Music. Ryoij Ikeda is Japan's leading electronic composer/artist. He focuses on the minutiae of ultrasonics, frequencies and the essential characteristics of sound itself. For SightSonic he will perform an exclusive audio-only performance of pieces from his last four releases on Touch.

Regular festival events such as the SightSonic Club, this year featuring si-cut.db, multimedia installations and our emerging artists' showcase The Artists' Platform complete the line-up of our most ambitious festival to date.

It's extremely exciting for me to see some of the world's most innovative and creative artists presenting their work in York. The SightSonic partners are delighted to have become the UK home to Touch 25 celebrations during 2006/7 and will be presenting more Touch 25 events over the coming months.

Tony Myatt
 Chair, SightSonic Art Group

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Geir Jenssen
Cho Oyu 8201 m - Field Recordings From Tibet CD
Ash International, ASH71CD

  These recordings were made by Jenssen while climbing Cho Oyu  in Tibet in September and October 2001. Cho Oyu is the sixth highest mountain in the world at 8201 meters, situated in the Himalayas near Mount Everest, on the Tibetan/Nepalese border. This album may be regarded as the soundtrack to the film of this journey, also containing some of the source material for the most recent Biosphere album, Dropsonde.

Read the expedition report: Only Krishna and I

Biosphere in Rotterdam, Holland
9. November 2006

Location: Lantaren Venster
Event: Biosphere live and special guests

Lantaren 1 : Biosphere live (Touch) NOR, Pierre Bastien live (Rephlex) FR,
MachineFabriek live (Lampse/Lowlands) NL

Website: www.lantaren-venster.nl
Time: 20:30 tot 02:00 
Location info: Gouvernestraat 133, Rotterdam
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